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Decorative items made of polystyrene

Quality of the product

The Plintex company strategy is directed on quality output which is reached due to the modern equipment, domestic manufacture of raw materials and development of new technologies.

Plintex® is the optimum density, a smooth and opaque surface, an environmentally friendly product. These characteristics distinguish extrusive plinths Plintex® from similar products of competitors, and also from widely presented in the market injective (foam) plinths.

Smooth and opaque surface:

- gives to a product an esthetic appearance;

- allows to bring evenly paint in case of coloring;

- doesn't distort a relief by sight.


Optimum density provides:

- homogeneity of structure;

- low weight of Plintex® plinths, that in turn, facilitates and accelerates product installation.


The flutes located on an internal surface of a plinth, promote uniform distribution of glue on a back surface of a plinth for the best fixing with an assembly surface