Products of the company "PENOPLEX" on the set of American blockbusters

Products of the company "PENOPLEX" on the set of American blockbusters


The products of the company PENOPLEX are becoming more and more popular not only in the construction markets of Russia and European countries. Decorative materials under the trademark PLINTEX® are entering the North American market, a new export destination is Canada. PENOPLEX has signed a contract for the supply of decorative elements PLINTEX® with a Canadian company specializing in providing local materials with interior materials.

As a result of a marketing study of the local construction market, a narrow selection of various decorative materials was identified. In DIY retail chains in Canada, mostly decorative MDF and wood products are presented, while polystyrene plinths are not represented at all. The study of potential buyers, such as chain stores and construction organizations, showed a high interest in these decorative materials.

Promotion of PLINTEX TM products will begin primarily with movie studios for Hollywood companies that are actively shooting their blockbusters in Vancouver. The products of TM PLINTEX® will be used for the decoration of interior scenes during the filming of motion pictures.

Decorative and decorative products PLINTEX® will also be presented in DIY Canada. To date, the preparation of all necessary documentation for sales in the largest retail networks of the country: Windsor Plywood, RONA, Home Depot.