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One of the activities of the PENOPLEX company, a major Russian manufacturer of polymer-based construction products, is the development and production of decorative and finishing materials made of polystyrene under the brand PLINTEX®.

The PLINTEX® products are manufactured at two plants, one located in the North-Western Federal district of the Russian Federation, in the town of Kirishi (Leningrad region), the second – outside the Russian Federation, in the Republic of Kazakhstan (Kapshagay town).

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Having the largest scientific, research and production base, the plant uses the most advanced technologies that allow it to produce a wide range of products. Both plants use modern equipment and are 100% automated.

Quality control - production facilities are equipped according to the white room principle, and a certified factory laboratory is involved in 4-stage quality control: raw material acceptance, loading it into the extruder, cutting products and their acceptance in a certified laboratory.

The PLINTEX® products are manufactured only from high-quality primary raw materials. Raw materials used in the production are not harmful. Warehouse premises with an area of more than 3 thousand square meters make it possible to create a trading stock needed to fulfill customer orders in the shortest possible time.

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Ceiling plinths Moldings Duroprofile ART
Due to a wide range of decorative elements PLINTEX® you will find for yourself the models that best meet all your requirements Experimenting in the design with such products can be without limits, creating both classic interior solutions, and very original exquisite compositions Duropolymer is a composite impact-resistant polymer, made of expanded polystyrene under high pressure.
In the ART PLINTEX® product range, there are both floor plinths, moldings and casings
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