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About the Company

One of the activities of the PENOPLEX company, a major Russian manufacturer of polymer-based construction products, is the development and production of decorative and finishing materials made of polystyrene under the brand PLINTEX®.

The PLINTEX® products are manufactured at two plants, one located in the North-Western Federal district of the Russian Federation, in the town of Kirishi (Leningrad region), the second – outside the Russian Federation, in the Republic of Kazakhstan (Kapshagay town).

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Having the largest scientific, research and production base, the plant uses the most advanced technologies that allow it to produce a wide range of products. Both plants use modern equipment and are 100% automated.

Quality control - production facilities are equipped according to the white room principle, and a certified factory laboratory is involved in 4-stage quality control: raw material acceptance, loading it into the extruder, cutting products and their acceptance in a certified laboratory.

The PLINTEX® products are manufactured only from high-quality primary raw materials. Raw materials used in the production are not harmful. Warehouse premises with an area of more than 3 thousand square meters make it possible to create a trading stock needed to fulfill customer orders in the shortest possible time.