We are a team of creative, practical and sincere people who enjoy doing home improvement. We are targeting on a wide range of customers. To attract buyers, we are constantly expanding our product assortment, especially the line of decorative and finishing materials for interior decoration.

Regional Managers

We are involved in the development of PLINTEX® products and work with the supply chain. We are improving all aspects of product quality.

Central Federal District

Rusanov Evgeny Sergeevich, Lipetsk E-mail: Phone: +7 (904) 298-71-99
Saifiev Denis Vitalevich, Moscow E-mail: Phone: +7(926) 779-77-88

Northwestern Federal District

Rogov Alexey Viktorovich, Saint-Petersburg E-mail: Phone: +7(900)620-26-19

Southern Federal District

Malkov Dmitry Alexandrovich, Rostov-on-Don E-mail: Phone: +7(918)526-59-267
Kolesnikov Petr, Krasnodar E-mail: Phone:+7(995)203-47-90

Volga Federal District

Nizamiev Almaz Shaikhynurovich, Kazan E-mail: Phone: +7(937)776-15-55

Head of Sales in Russia

Gulin Maxim Yurievich E-mail: Phone: +7(911)020-84-10


Nikulin Sergey Mikhailovich E-mail: Phone: +7(909)210-26-23


Alibusaev Sharabutin Shagimardanovich E-mail: Phone: +7(747)422-00-05


Jafarov Vagif Yusupovich E-mail: Phone: +7(727)266-81-67

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