High-strength skirting boards PLINTEX® ART

High-strength polymer is polymer made from polystyrene foam under high pressure. The final products made of high-strength polymer have a high density, which allows them to be used as decor for floors, doors, walls, etc.

The PLINTEX® ARTassortment includes both floor skirting boards and platbands with moldings.

The floor skirting board gives the floor a finished look and is an important element of the entire interior. In addition to aesthetic functions, the skirting board hides the joints between the floor and the wall and eliminates the penetration of dust, dirt, and moisture. A special cable channel in the skirting board is designed to hide telephone wires and other communications.

The door platband is a decorative part that not only covers the mounting joint and protects insulation materials from contact with the ultraviolet light, but also gives the entrance space an exquisite look.

The high-strength polymer moldings are an integral part of modern interior design, they allow to mask minor defects and cracks on the walls.