The stock of the company includes a wide choice of ceiling plinths (presented as classical models, and ceiling plinths for stretch ceiling, LED lighting, ceiling plinths with ornament); moldings for walls; corners for ceiling plinth; floor plinths of duropolymer; universal adhesive.

The collection of ceiling plinths of PLINTEX® can be divided into special properties and purpose: classical models of ceiling plinths, ceiling plinths for stretch ceilings and LED strip, plinths with embossing, moldings.

Duropolymer plinths (ART DuroProfile)

Duropolymer is a composite high-impact polymer, made from expanded polystyrene under high pressure. Duropolymer end products have a high density, which allows them to be used as decoration for floors, doors, walls, etc.

The ART PLINTEX® stock includes both baseboards and platbands.

Floor plinth gives the floor a finished look, is an important element of the whole interior. In addition to the aesthetic functions, the plinth hides the formed joints between the floor and the wall, eliminates the penetration of dust, dirt and moisture. A special cable channel in the plinth is designed to hide telephone wires and other communications.

The casing for the doors is a decorative part that not only closes the assembly seam and protects the insulation materials from contact with UV light, but also gives the entrance space a refined look.


ART F 70/15

Duropolymer plinth ART F 70/15

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ART F 70/16

Duropolymer plinth ART F 70/16

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ART F 80/16

Duropolymer plinth ART F 80/16

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ART F 80/17

Duropolymer plinth ART F 80/17

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ART M1 25/15

Duropolymer molding ART M1 25/15

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ART P 50/15

Duropolymer baseplate/plinth ART P 50/15

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