The stock of the company includes a wide choice of ceiling plinths (presented as classical models, and ceiling plinths for stretch ceiling, LED lighting, ceiling plinths with ornament); moldings for walls; corners for ceiling plinth; floor plinths of duropolymer; universal adhesive.

The collection of ceiling plinths of PLINTEX® can be divided into special properties and purpose: classical models of ceiling plinths, ceiling plinths for stretch ceilings and LED strip, plinths with embossing, moldings.

Plinths with embossed

Classic model with a relief pattern on the surface. Extruded manufacturing method allows you to avoid skirting the baseboard and significantly reduce the cost of production.


IC35/55 SCK

Plinths with embossed IC35/55SCK

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U50/50 M

Plinths with embossed U50/50 M

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U50/50 P

Plinths with embossed U50/50 P

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W60/60 I

Plinths with embossed W60/60 I

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